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Wanted – small business ideas that work!


Why we created this website

Recent years have seen so many changes in the business world that it can be hard to keep track of what still works and what doesn’t. The global economy has been unstable for some time, consumer preferences and buying behaviours are constantly changing due to technological advances, and workforce skill sets are transforming, spurring on the national SkillsFuture movement in Singapore.

Adding to the highly competitive landscape in Singapore, business costs are still rising, continuing the pattern of the past few years. Meanwhile, the profits of small and medium enterprises (SME) are diminishing; thanks in part to huge, well-funded enterprises being able to initiate price wars at will. However, a growing number of companies here in Singapore are succumbing to deteriorating market conditions resulting in layoffs – and retrenched professionals are finding it harder and harder to get another job.

In this tough working environment, the more entrepreneurial professionals are starting their own businesses. Whether they begin out of interest or out of necessity, we’ve observed one thing to be true – SMEs that get back to the fundamentals are doing much better than those that chase fads without fully understanding why they’re fashionable in the first place. Advancing small businesses also know how to take practical advantage of IT.

So what are the fundamentals and what’s practical IT? These are the ideas that SMEs here in Singapore are seeking.

There are untold numbers of lifestyle, food, and beauty blogs and a few political, technological, or digital marketing blogs out there directed exclusively at the Singapore market. The majority of the online content available for Singapore businesses is targeted at mid-sized companies. Meanwhile, overseas, many small business blogs serve up tips that would be more suited to a mid-sized business in Singapore – simply due to our relative market size.

We’re going to fill that gap by providing small business ideas for Singapore companies that want to survive, grow, and thrive.

What you’ll find on our website

We’ll be hosting a blog site filled with informative articles covering subjects such as cash flow, management tips and suggestions, HR improvements, and advice on increasing sales. We’re also providing a list of tools, form templates, sample letters – stuff a business requires to run efficiently – and updating it regularly.

You’ll find on our website useful ideas and tools specifically curated with the smaller SMEs in mind, aimed in particular at those in the Singapore market.


We’re not commercially driven – we just want small businesses to thrive

We’re a completely self-funded project, not sponsored or commercially driven in any way. We’re genuinely interested in boosting small businesses in Singapore, helping them to achieve their maximum potential.

We think providing a community-minded website for SME owners to find support, ideas, and advice is important for the good of Singapore’s economy. All we ask is that if you find something on our site helpful, you share it. Get the word out and encourage other business owners, like yourself, to reap the rewards of community and curated advice specially gathered to help them.


We’re here to help SMEs flourish

We’re serious when we say we’re here to help small businesses. Our website is going to be a fantastic resource for business owners in Singapore looking for ideas on maximising their business.

We’ll be adding new articles every fortnight, covering tips, tactics, and ideas to help your business reach its full potential. We’re also running a SME 101 Facebook page, curating IT articles we’ve discovered out there on the Web that are aimed at improving small businesses and suitable for the Singapore market.

To help you cut through the clutter out there, we’ll narrow the ideas and advice we can come up with or find, down to the best and the most effective – for you and your business.